Pinxton & Co

The Ludovica Hook - Silver


Another discovery by a family member (the coat hook is named after our niece Ludovica) allowed Pinxton & Co to remodel an American Aesthetic design of the 1880’s.  The Aesthetic Period was about pure beauty & 'Art for Arts Sake' in response to the perceived ugliness of the industrial age and we feel that this embodies our ethos perfectly. Perhaps it is no surprise that it is Pinxton & Co's most popular coat hook.  

  • The Silver Ludovica Hook  has been hand coloured & works well alongside chrome and nickel hardware. 
  • Each coat hook is individually boxed with matching screws & fixings.
  • Please do install the coat hooks appropriately & use raw plugs provided for fixings into masonry or brickwork.
  • Dimensions- 34mm wide x 140mm high x 100mm projection.
  • Also available in Unlacquered Brass & Dark Bronze.   


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